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Working at a Dog Kennel – Is it the Right Job For You Or a Terrible Mistake?

If you’re an animal lover, especially a dog lover, then a kennel job might be the right fit for you. In fact, it might even be your dream job. Unlike veterinary jobs, which require dealing with sick and injured animals and may not be for people who can’t stand to see people in pain, a job at a kennel will have you working with animals that are in good health.

There are a couple of qualities that really define a good kennel person. The first, obviously, is love of animals. If you don’t love the little furballs, why take the job. But you also need to be patient. Not every animal is a perfectly behaved little angel, especially when they’re away from home and nervous, so you need to be able to take things in stride.

You also need to be able to work hard. Kennel jobs are often fun jobs, but there’s also a lot of hard and often dirty work involved. You’ll be feeding, washing and cleaning up after animals, with all that entails. Dogs and cats can be messy and they can be a lot of work, so you need to be prepared for it.

This makes up for the fun part of the job, where you get to bond with new animals. You’ll be playing with them and exercising them and taking them for walks, generally just being their best friends, and if you love animals, this can be incredibly rewarding.

Unsurprisingly, the best place to look for kennel jobs is at kennels. A good way to increase your chances of landing a kennel job is to volunteer at your local animal rescue. This will give you the experience you need to land a paying job at the kennel. This experience will put you leaps and bounds above the other applicants, and you can get a job that’s an animal lover’s dream.

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