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Where to Buy Blu-ray Discs

Now that you invested in the perfect Blu-ray disc player, what are you going to do with it? Use it as a paper weight? Sure, your existing DVDs will play just fine in it because Blu-ray players are backwards compatible but to get the most out of the Blu-ray technology and your HDTV set, you need actual Blu-ray discs to play! Don’t let the Bluray advantages go to waste on DVDs, start building your Blu-ray disc collection right away.

The good news is that so much of the industry supports Blu-ray technology including the major movie studios so Blu-ray movies are coming on strong. New movies are being released as Blu-ray discs by studios including Sony Pictures, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Paramount, Warner Brothers, and many more. Look for releases of on Blu-ray disc of your old favorites too as the studios step up to meet the growing demand.

While you may not see Blu-ray discs at the checkout lines of your local grocery store just yet, getting your hands on a new Bluray movie title is just a mouse-click away. We make shopping for Blu-ray movies and accessories easy!

In addition, both Netflix and Blockbuster Online now stocks hundreds of Blu-ray titles. As more and more consumers upgrade from DVD players to Blu-ray disc players and Blu-ray recorders, a larger selection of movies on Blu-ray disc follows. Local video stores are also catching the “Blue Fever” and growing their inventory of titles on Blu-ray disc.

Getting your hands on your favorite movies is not a problem with Blu-ray technology because of the widespread industry support of the format. From major consumer electronics manufacturers to the major movie studios and distributors, just about all the heavy hitters are embracing Blu-ray as the high definition format of the future.

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