SEO – Meaning And Useful Tactics

Search engine optimization is the process through which we increase the quality and quantity of traffic to a website with the help of search engines. The world wide web is moving at a great pace and the businesses are trying hard to get customers online. As a result online presence of a business is necessary. If facts are to be believed then we must understand that 70% of the internet users use search engines for finding information. Therefore it becomes necessary for all the businesses to succeed online. Using white hat SEO practices one can get a good boost in rankings and can eventually start getting considerable amount of visitors.

There are many tactics that the search engine optimizers (also known as “SEO”) use to manipulate the search engine rankings of their clients by following the search engines guidelines. These SEO tactics are discussed below:

1- Directory Submission- This is the most basic and the most widely used SEO technique. There are many web directories in the world wide web family and getting a backlink to your site from these web directories is a great way to start getting backlinks. Google loves sites which are popular and web directories are a great resource in making your site popular.

2- Blog creation and posting- The blog has found a good place in today’s world and getting a web log for your company is the next best thing to do. A blog is a great way to interact with your targeted audience in the form of blog posting. Writing a blog post everyday would give your visitors a chance to return to your site everyday.

3- Forum Posting- This is another great way of getting a backlink to your site in the form of signatures which are normally seen below your forum post. Almost every niche has a forum associated with it and your task would be to find a niche forum and start posting.

4- Link Exchange- Asking webmasters for mutual link exchange is the best way in making your website look good in the eyes of the search engines but this should be done in a limit and many links exchanged this way can get you penalized.

5- Article writing- Getting a backlink from a niche resource is what everyone wants and article writing can give you those niche backlinks as the matter is in your hand. There are many do follow article directories where you can submit your original quality article and can get a do follow backlink to your site.

6- Social bookmarking- Web 2. 0 has made its mark on the world of internet. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Fark, Fave, Spurl etc. can do wonders in making your site popular and making the bots crawl your site faster.

Thus, these are the tactics which are normally used by the SEO’s in making a site visible on the search engines. Hiring a well known SEO company and experienced search engine optimizers can help your business to grow. On the other hand if you hire an inexperienced SEO then there are chances that they may use many black hat and other techniques which are not allowed by the search engines to increase the rankings of their client websites. Remember SEO is a continuous process and should go on and on.

Source by Joydeep Shankar Bhattacharya

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