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One of the greatest misconceptions about SEO Elite and other SEO software is that they’re a ‘get-traffic-quick’ source. Whereby, simply inserting your website’s URL and clicking ‘done’ will result in unlimited traffic. Most people that are under this impression are new to the art of Search Engine Optimization. Those that are experienced in the art know that this is impossible. This begs the question; what is the point of SEO Elite?

Well, to answer that we’ll need to look at some of the features that make SEO Elite, well, elite. Also, please note that as I said before; SEO elite is not a magical get-traffic-quick program (unfortunately). SEO Elite is purely to be used as a means for research and advice. Furthermore, anything you do in this program can be done manually. So, let us take a quick look at the features are offered.

1. Analyze Backlinks Using a Specific Search Engine

This allows you to quickly see who and how many websites or web blogs are linking to your website. This can even be used to see how many people are backlinking to your competitor’s website. This can be done manually by using the Google Toolbox tool, but it’ll take you quite some time.

2. Get Links to your Website

Project 2 allows you to quickly find and research linking partners for your website. This will allow you to find more linking partners, also this feature comes with its own built in mailing system. Which means, rather than having to contact each webmaster individually, you can send out X amount of requests at once.

3. Analyse AllinAnchor, AllInTittle or AllInText.

A simple tool that allows you to see what a website is ranked for an AllInAnchor search term.

4. Verify that Linking partners are still linking back

This will allow you to ensure that those you are link exchanging with are linking back. Again, this can be done by typing “”into Google (without the quotations).

5. Find where a site is ranked for a given keyword

Find out where your site or a competitor’s is ranked for any keyword. This can help you if you’re targeting a specific search term or keyword

6. Find out how many web pages are indexed

Project 6 allows you to find out how many pages are indexed by a search engine. Also, which search engines have indexed which pages.

7. Find Authority websites.

These are the websites that Google (and other search engines) deems to be an Authority websites, a backlink from them will surely help you achieve a higher rank for a keyword. This shows the exact same results if you were to go to Google and type in your keyword. E.g. ‘Golf’ SEO elite will show you the top ten results for said keyword which will be the exact same as in Google.

So, to summarize; SEO Elite is not a get-traffic-quick program, it is purely a research tool. This program allows to effortlessly do what would take you weeks even months, in a matter of moments. If you’re serious about Search Engine Optimization, than I urge you to investigate more. Also, it may look like a complicated program, but when you purchase you’ll be given a series of instructional videos, so even a child could use it. But keep in mind, you will actually have to do a lot of work if you want your website to rank highly.

Source by James Mepp

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