Search Engine Optimization – Technology Or Art?

When we talk of search engine optimization services, it brings to our mind many thoughts, and the pattern on which it works is mostly an amalgamation of science and art.

First lets find out what Search Engine Optimization or SEO means? SEO is a technique of website promotion with which top search results are achieved for a website for its targeted keywords. A keyword or a keyword phrase is a single word or a set of words which denotes a product, service or information, a website wants to offer to its customers or visitors.

In the ocean of internet, thousands of webpages are adding everyday and it has become a challenge for search engines to filter the best webpages to provide accurate search results that its visitors are trying to find. In this process search engines constantly update themselves with the amount of webpages available for a certain keyword and select the best according to their standards to bring them to their top results. This is where SEO comes into play, where an SEO expert or specialist fine tunes a website in a such a way that search engine considers it relevant to be included in its top results for the related keywords.

Search engine optimization seems more of science than art as it involves technology, but the fact is that the art factor plays a major role and in most of the cases, it plays a bigger role than technology. Search engine expert is like a chef who prepares his signature dish in his own distinctive style even when many already know the method of preparation. But, its his art of mixing the ingredients and preparation due to which, his flavor comes out to be unique and widely popular.

Likewise, the principles of SEO are fairly simple to understand but, its the accurate study of search engine algorithms, even spread of targeted keywords, optimum link building, market research, traffic pattern, visitor trends, competition strength and various other aspects, that make an SEO company different from many other players.

The process of SEO is fairly long and will require months before the desired results can be seen. A good SEO company will always look for fair means to take its client’s website to top positions and it would always give preference to a rather longer duration than the quick process, which may involve spamming that can get a website thrown out of the search engines permanently.

Therefore, it is very important for a website to look for an SEO expert who can deliver ethical results even if it takes little more time than what is expected. In today’s business scenario, websites look for fast conversions but smart websites look for long term goals that might not provide them quick conversions, but surely assure them steady future conversions and prevent them from getting banned from the search engines.

Many websites are in search for SEO specialists who can take their website ahead of the competition, but the winner is always the one, who looks for the perfect art with which the technology of search engine optimization can be administered.

Source by Nitin K Singh

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