Maplestory Warrior Guide – The 2nd Job Advancement

By the time you reach level 30 as a warrior in Maplestory, you’re ready to go on to your 2nd job advancement. In order to get the 2nd job advancement, you need to pass a test and then choose one of three jobs.

Remember Dances with Balrog? Go back to Perion and talk to him. After doing so, head west until the music changes (about two “screens”). Then go up for a while until you see someone standing. Talk to this man and he’ll take you to the testing area, where you’ll be fighting Lupins and Fire Boars. These are a little different from the ones you normally find, but they have less HP. In order to always land a hit on them, you need 43 points in accuracy. If you don’t meet that, buy some sniper potions and use them to boost your accuracy during the test. You don’t need to fight both types of monsters, so it’s recommended that you fight only the Fire Boars as the Lupins can be difficult to kill.

These monsters drop marbles, and you need 30 of them in order to prove your worth. After you’ve collected them all, talk to the guy in the testing area and he’ll give you an item called Proof of Hero. Take that item to Dances with Balrog and at last, he’ll let you choose whether you want to be a Fighter, a Page, or a Spearman.

Fighters and Pages are essentially the same until you reach level 50, but Spearmen are considerably worse for a while. For this reason, most people choose to be Fighters or Pages at this point. From levels 50-70 Spearmen eventually catch up, while, as it turns out, Pages actually become the weakest in the end. Fighters become the strongest with a skill called Rage.

Fighters can deal a huge amount of damage with one hit, Spearmen can kill multiple enemies quicker than the other two jobs, and Pages can use cool elemental attacks. Choose which one suits you.

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