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Link Building – Search Engine Optimization’s Vital Requirement

An effective and thematic link building strategy can strengthen your website’s actual presence on all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and many more. Link building is an innate part of off-page search engine optimization services as it enhances a website’s competitive streak. It also gives your website a prominence in the Internet circles. Link building process is usually termed as ‘activities taking place behind the scenes’, as far as search engine optimization is concerned.

Link building means directly or indirectly linking your website with other websites. This is basically done to generate increased traffic flow. There is a popular belief that, link building is just about swapping links with every website possible. This is not true and it is always wise to indulge in link building only with websites that are termed as your potential customers in an online marketplace. Although majority back-links help in achieving better ranking on search engines; in reality, they are nothing but adding a link to your own webpage from another webpage.

There are certain tips that should be kept in mind while putting the link building process to effective use:

A- Try to build and exchange links with big websites. By big websites we mean, those websites which are both renowned and widely surfed by the Internet surfers.

B- Always exchange links with websites that have content and services more or less similar to yours. For instance, if your website deals with education, it will be sagacious to have back-links from those websites that talk about schools, universities, colleges, and learning institutions.

C- As we know content is the king of your webpage and there is no alternate for it. Majority times, users are captivated to a webpage because of its unique and engrossing content. Optimum usage of correct keywords and key phrases in the content will go a long way in fetching higher page ranks.

Link building is mainly done in three prime types:

1- One-Way Link Exchange- The first and the foremost is one-way link exchange. In this link building process, web pages are usually submitted in various article directories providing back-links to submitters. You can also pick free links from directories that allow this process.

2- Two-Way Link Exchange- Second to follow is two-way link exchange. In this process, two websites offering same or related services mutually agree to establish back-links with each other. This is basically done to generate traffic diversion.

3- Three-Way Link Exchange- Last but not the least is three-way link exchange. In this link exchange process, one party owns two website, whereas, the one has only one. Fairly newer websites can gain links on prominent websites using this link exchange process.

Link building is certainly the most reasonable search engine optimization service as it comes free of cost. Moreover, it can help your website in fostering better relationships in the online marketplace along with high search engine rankings.

Source by Viveck Sharma

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