Handy Tips To Master SEO Article Writing

Google loves good content – it strives to satisfy searchers who are looking for information and writers who provide this get into Google’s good books.

This means SEO rich articles. You say how do I ensure my writing fits the bill? The following handy tips to master SEO article writing will set you on the right path.

For both websites and blogs or simply for a landing page, good article marketing is one of the best ways to go, so don’t worry – it won’t be a waste of time.

One of the key things to pay attention to first is planning – and if you are like me and hate planning – then grit your teeth and bite the bullet and just do it!


1. Self-education

To learn the ins and outs of article writing – which you have started if you are reading this! Do more though! Be prepared to read eBooks written by SEO experts as well as eBooks on article niches and other related ideas.

An alternative to eBooks of course are mp3 recordings or videos – but eBooks are easier to go back to for references etc.

Some marketers offer webinars and coaching programs as well – the resources are enormous and easily found. I ended up with so much learning I wrote an eBook on article marketing to give away as a means of paying it forward.

One of the most effective ways is to get into a training (coaching) program that does this and more. If you get the right one it is worth the investment. What you pay in money, you will save in time, effort and research.

You need to end up with good familiarity of what keywords are and what SEO means.

2. A writing schedule

You do better if you actually set aside ‘writing time’ – e.g. two hours a day, rather than just go with the flow and write when the thought occurs to you – you will always find something better to do, believe me!

Ditto for research time – schedule it – and religiously stick to your timetabling.

3. Plan Your Articles

Don’t just start to tap away at the computer until you are sure you have a clear idea of what you want to write about, and that it has a focus and purpose. If you just write for the sake of it – it will be obvious to readers.

Take time to draw up a list of topics within the niche – these may even be your eventual article titles.

Then take each and write out the salient points you want to address under them.

See if you can add a unique slant to them – especially if you are in a highly competitive niche.

BTW, this applies to your web pages and blog posts.

Source by Peter Damien R

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